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Tiger King prolongs a sexual act. The drug is a biologically active additive. The medicine arouses sexual activity and increases the strength of the penis. The drug prolongs sexual activity.

The active component is a special collection of medicinal herbs. It is valid up to 180 hours.

Tiger King is a drug, which is recommended in case of scarcity of sperm, frequent urination, and a prostatitis.

The medicine should be taken 5-60 minutes before a sexual act. A single pill acts more than 2 hours. Tiger King should be taken by courses.

The drug has no contraindications and can be used by persons up to 18 years old, but it is not recommended, because young people should form their sexual activity without stimulants using.

The remedy can be taken in conjunction with alcohol and food, along with drugs for cardiovascular diseases.

Tiger King is available in its original bottles. The package contains 10 tablets. You can buy Tiger King online no Rx in our pharmacy.

Here you can buy Tiger King online
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