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Kamini Oral Jelly (Sildenafil citrate 100 mg) should be taken orally as needed for 45 minutes before sexual activity. Before taking you shall not eat the rich or fatty foods - it can degrade the drug effectiveness. You should take the medicine only at the physician’s direction - as a rule, 50 mg once a day as needed. The medicine works along with sexual stimulation to help achieve an erection.

Advantages of Kamini Oral Jelly taking are obvious:

  • due to the rapid drug absorption it begins acting much faster: after 15 - 20 minutes you'll be ready to commit a sexual act;
  • there is no need to drink water, i.e. you can take it at any moment;
  • convenient packaging;
  • the absence of a bitter taste - on the contrary, the manufacturers gave various pleasant tastes for the new drug (lemon, mango, strawberry, etc.).

In all other respects, this is an old, tested by years, Viagra! You will feel the positive effect very soon due to accelerated action of the active drug substance. You can order the cheapest Kamini Oral Jelly online without a prescription in our pharmacy.

Here you can buy Kamini Oral Jelly online
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