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Almost every second man over 40 years old experiences certain problems with erection in his life. The manifestation of erectile dysfunction or impotence is most often caused by poor blood flow to the penis. As a result, men have problems with erection maintaining.

For such cases you can purchase an excellent combination of Viagra and Cialis.

Today, any man can buy Classic Pack (Viagra and Cialis) without a prescription. Standard Viagra dosage is 100 mg, and Cialis is 20 mg. But this dosage is recommended to take for healthy men only. You can still choose two types of package with these drugs. In the first package it’s offered 20 Viagra tablets and 20 Cialis tablets; and the second is 30 Viagra pills and 30 Cialis pills.

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Using Viagra sexual activity can last for 4 hours. Viagra works very quickly, but sometimes it requires a longer time for sexual contact, then it is better to use Cialis. The effect of this drug lasts for 36 hours and occurs within 30 minutes. Thanks to its advantages, Cialis is popular among many men who have problems with potency. With a potent remedy, such as Cialis, no need to plan the sexual intercourse constantly and worry about its effect will end soon. Like other ED drugs, Cialis enhances the blood circulation in the pelvic area. Of course, this causes the response to sexual arousal.

If there are problems with your liver or kidneys, the dosage of Viagra and Cialis should be limited. You must not take more than one tablet within 48 hours or 1 tablet in 72 hours. Do not take Viagra and Cialis at the same time. To achieve good results, these drugs are not recommended to take with alcohol, and it is better to avoid fatty foods.

To get a quality remedies at an affordable price really, enjoy Classic Pack for sale at discount price. Classic Pack allows you to make a choice on an individual basis depending on the situation; each man chooses a suitable drug.

You can buy Viagra or Cialis in a very convenient way. For this purpose you simply need to order Classic Pack (Viagra and Cialis) online.

Before taking Viagra and Cialis it is better to get expert’s advice.

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