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Viagra is well known and actively used for many years as a remedy to increase potency. This medicine is used to cure erectile dysfunction in many countries. This popularity was one of the reasons that its composition is constantly improving, adding various components. Viagra Super Active is a relatively new modification of the drug containing various plant components, reinforcing its action. Active Discount Pack for sale at competitive prices is a great suggestion, thanks to which you can buy 90 Viagra tablets and get 60 Viagra Super Active pills free. Thus, you can try new remedy without spending a dime.

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The drug is available in the form of tablets of 100 mg. Traditional Viagra is diamond-shaped light blue tablets. Advanced formula of Viagra Super Active is sold in blister packs containing 10 dark blue color oblong tablets. In both drugs as active ingredient sildenafil is used. It has proven successfully as a remedy for liquidating erectile dysfunction of any etiology, while having negligible side effects. The drug can cause redness of the face, dry mouth, irritation of mucous membrane of the eye. Of course, there are some contraindications. Despite the fact that everyone has the opportunity to buy Viagra Active Discount Pack without a prescription, before tablets using it is better to consult a doctor. If to speak about the differences between Viagra from Viagra Super Active, the only disadvantage of the second drug is its high cost. But if you decide to order Viagra Pack in our online pharmacy this should not worry you. The new formula does not contain any additional synthetic substances. Its structure is reinforced through the use of the complex of medicinal herbs. Viagra starts to work within an hour or more lately. Super Active Viagra modification ensures a positive effect in 10 minutes after administration and its conservation within 240 minutes. The drug has a stronger extends the effect on the blood vessels of the penis. In addition, the composition of Viagra Super Active consists of natural components which reduce stress and fatigue and increase the overall activity. This is particular important due to the fact that often the causes of erectile dysfunction have a psychological nature.

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